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The Allegro Handbell Ensemble's second day on their 2015 European Concert Tour.

Today's update from the 2015 European Concert Tour comes from Bob O'Malley '15, Ben Heppner '18, and Matt Anderson '15, with a few comments from director Stephen Edwards.

We could not have asked for a better day than we had today on the second day of our 2015 European Concert Tour. We left at 7 AM and just got back to our place at 10 PM.

The eight of us went on a boat tour of Loch Ness and had a great time together. Nessie couldn't resist seeing what we were up to and made a rare appearance:

The Loch Ness Monster loves handbells!

On our way to Loch Ness (prnounced 'lough'), we pass by many lochs and were told the great history of Scotland by our amazing tour guide, Gillian. We stopped at a lot of places " to make our mommies proud," and explore the ancient towns.

We learned so much about Scotland, and have decided to purchase a home here—as an ensemble. It is in the most beautiful location, about 5 minutes from Hagrid's late home (it was torn down after the Harry Potter movies):

The Allegro Handbell Ensemble's new home. Notice the waterfall in the background.

We also learned the Scottish word for crying, "greetin'," as well as "aye," "bro," and "barry!" We also all had a good greet listening to the bagpipes play Amazing Grace.

After finding Nessie, we split into two groups: One to explore the town and one to explore the loch. To end the day, we ate at a fantastic Italian restuarant. (Yes, they have Italian food in Scotland.)

Our first concert is tomorrow at Callander Kirk in Callander at 7:30 PM.

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